Bioair Scientific Department

The Scientific Department is the R&D core of BioAir Advanced Therapies department and is located within the Molecular Biotechnology Centre (MBC) of Turin University Campus. Designing new products is a process that must always work with an eye to the future, its center must not be a static concept, but must change over time, pursuing innovation and identifying Customer needs.

The principal purpose of the Scientific Department is in fact to support our Customers in all the Performance Qualification phases of a new Closed System installation, and assist the User with the design of the workflow processes that will be conducted in the Isolator.

We know that, supporting the Users of our products in the best way we can, using our imagination, technology and know-how, will provide our Customers with the ideal tool to perform their daily job in a regulated environment in the safest possible way. Bioair R&D scientific department remains committed to such excellence as we continually strive to improve every single detail of our products with your safety in mind.

Moreover, our laboratory team is currently developing new possible applications of Advanced Therapies Medicinal Products (ATMPs) in the context of cell and gene therapy, often in active collaboration with our Customers. Our laboratory team includes scientists with expertise in cell biology, stem cells manipulation, and protocols development in compliance with GMP regulations.

Training facility

Our Scientific Department in Turin provides extensive training opportunities for both employees and customers, in order to develop and refine best practices in the use of our equipment. In BioAir our commitment to customers also comprises first-rate training, not only of the staff you have today, but also in the future.

BioAir offers a comprehensive training program to enable safe, accurate and reliable operation of all equipment and systems. BioAir Scientific Department objective is to transfer our knowledge, our experience and our recommendations to each participant, to let them fully exploit the potential of our products, with a complete awareness of all features of our products, to maximize related benefits.

Symposia, Workshops, Round Tables

BioAir Scientific Department organizes National and international Scientific Symposia, roundtables and workshops. Those symposia are great opportunities to bring together colleagues from around the world, with outstanding courses, accredited by scientific organizations.

BioAir aims to foster dialog and shared learning among participants. The day features keynote speakers, rapid-fire presentations of peer-reviewed papers: interactive methods sessions, and networking are the best added values recognized by participants. We collect opinions and suggestions and at the end of any Symposium we organize. Our symposia are perceived as a unique opportunity for the scientific community to come together to exchange experiences and research on developments in ATMPs procedures.


Below is a bibliography relevant to some scientific papers published by our laboratory team together with some reviews of the most important ATMPs applications:

BioAir’s “One Step Point of Care”

BioAir’s “One Step Point of Care” isolators solutions represent the answer to the need to have available in a short time, and at a low...

New scientific publication by our R&D team

The innovative results of a collaboration between BioAir’s R&D team and the group of Experimental Ophthalmology, part of the University...

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Architectural and organizational aspects of the Lausanne Burn Center of the Lausanne University Hospital. The Burn Center of the...

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The rules governing medicinal products in the European Union The EU legal framework for medicinal products guarantees high...

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