Part of Tecniplast Group of Companies (;;  is a leading brand of Contamination Control Equipment that originates from the historic Gelaire® brand, which in the early ‘70s became the "reference standard" in the field of environmental contamination control and today is strongly involved in the technological changes that are taking place in the world of Life Sciences and Cell & Gene Therapies. We as partner help you bringing Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) to the clinic and beyond and ensuing sustainable and affordable introduction of ATMPs into healthcare.

We understood, discussing with customers and users that Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) have huge potential to be game changers in the treatment of chronic diseases. ATMP offer the promise of a sustainable improvement or even cure for countless patients urgently needing new therapeutic options. Instead of simply treating the symptoms of disease, ATMPs are medicines for human use based on genes, tissues or cells, that offer new innovative and specific opportunities for the treatment of diseases and injuries of an individual patient. Recently approved gene therapies for rare diseases and CAR T cell therapies for hematological cancers demonstrated what stated above.

Bioair Advanced Therapies Isolators designed specifically for the production of ATMP in a GMP environment, together with the experience and knowhow of our engineers highly skilled in the validation and servicing of these sophisticated systems, can support the enormous potential of these innovative medicines for a wide range of chronic diseases, increasing the number of products to the market and consequently to the number of treatments available to patients.

Made in Italy: Our products are designed and assembled in Italy whose long tradition and internationally recognized high quality of manufacturing can offer you the best equipment for your safety. Read our quality policy

Tradition and experience: All our equipment are designed to protect your safety and the safety of the product in its smallest details. Our team comes directly from the company that launched the market for MSCs in Europe, so we put a lot of history and experience into all our products and attention to the often-neglected details that improve your safety.

In every application of our products, every day in every continent, the life of our customers, and ultimately the lives that are saved thanks to their work, are at stake. Every single Bioair employee is aware of this responsibility towards the global community. This commitment is very well represented by the installation of several Advanced Therapies Isolators in Europe and  by the more than 30,000 Bioair safety cabinets sold worldwide and operating with the maximum satisfaction of our customers.

We care for you

Thanks to our network of highly trained dealers and distributors, our complete portfolio and long experience in the field, we will always be able to help you find the right product for your needs, no matter how unique they are. And our commitment doesn’t stop there: our Service network will make sure your equipment always performs at its best.

BioAir approach

Bioair’s Mission and Values are the backbone of everything we do. This is why the focus of every moment of the 60 years long Bioair history has been inspired by the mission, the vision and the shared values of the Company. These elements contain and express the way we work every day in order to achieve our main objective: your safety.


Our mission is simply stated in these few words: Your Safety is our Commitment.

For 60 years, Bioair has proudly followed this statement without compromise. Our core operations, R+D, engineering, manufacturing, quality control, distribution, after sales service and customer care are focused on the same target. Thanks to a consolidated, long lasting, worldwide reputation in terms of performance and innovation, we are able to comply with all main international standards relevant to biological safety: this allow us to provide you with certified equipment that guarantee your safety.


But we don't want to be just a practical and convenient opportunity for our customers.

We want to be chosen by you because we are a reliable partner. We want you to know that we have all the competence, experience and imagination to provide you with safe tools for your daily work; tools that are also comfortable to work with, durable and environmental conscious. Our working methods and our approach are a tangible sign of the passion and competence we put into every single detail of our products in order to improve your safety.


We all take our job as a personal commitment, in an effective and efficient way, in the name of global safety, health and sustainability.

Every day, we have the opportunity to shape our imagination through a series of concrete actions. Even the smallest gestures we make every day, help us achieve our goal: your safety. For this reason we all take our job as a personal commitment, in an effective and efficient way, in the name of global safety, health and sustainability. Every day, we have the opportunity to shape our imagination through a series of concrete actions. Even the smallest gestures we make every day, help us achieve our goal: your safety

Designing The Future

Designing new products is a process that must always work with an eye to the future, its center must not be a static concept, but must change over time, pursuing innovation. Every new equipment we design, standard or custom, is a work of commitment to our Mission. A shield of protection. We know that designing it the best it can be, using our imagination, technology and know-how, will provide you with the ideal tool to perform your job in the safest possible way. Bioair R&D department remains committed to such excellence as we continually strive to improve every single detail of our products with your safety in mind.


Tecniplast Group

Tecniplast, world leading company in the Lab Animal Industry since 1949, designs, manufactures and distributes patented equipment for Vivaria. We offer the most complete related product portfolio ranging from IVC (individually Ventilated Cages) systems, Bio Containment and Bio Exclusion IVCs, IVC monitoring, Analysis Systems, Aquatic Solutions, Laminar Flow, Cage and Rack Washers, Bedding Handling and Disposal Systems, Decontamination and Automation, as well as complete range of Accessories. Tecniplast has recently launched on the market the first Digital Ventilated Cage (DVCTM), enhancing the threshold in animal welfare, in users’ ergonomics and in management of Animal Lab Facilities.

Our constant investments in tooling, technologies, automation, production capabilities, stock availability, staff recruitment & training, the ISO certifications for Quality (ISO 9001) and environmental sustainability (ISO 14001 and ISO 14006) together with the management systems certifications, are a clear evidence of our commitment to provide customers with the most complete, reliable and relevant range of products.

We offer all-embracing solutions and services in Product Design, Ergonomic Planning, Environmental Responsibility, Space Planning, LEAN Audits and Budgetary evolution. We support clients in installation, training and service with a direct presence in Italy, USA, France, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Japan and China, and worldwide with a network of 70 international representatives.

Tecniplast is committed as a contributor to a better society investing time and efforts to promote the values that make us a center of excellence for Social Responsibility. We strive to achieve minimum environmental impact, while targeting also to Customer Satisfaction and good working condition for collaborators. Thus, as a tangible acknowledgement for these efforts, Tecniplast received the WCA certificate for the optimal working conditions of our employees. Our final aim is to produce environmentally-friendly products adopting ethical criteria, respecting human rights and environment.

Closed Systems vs Open Systems: Operational cost savings*

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* Values are given for an identical production output

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