New location for the BioAir’s Advanced Therapy Laboratory

The molecular biotechnology centre of Turin (Italy), location of BioAir’s Advanced Therapy Laboratory, has been ampliated with a new advanced building.

The new building will expand the Biotechnology Center of the University of Turin by another 30 thousand square meters. It will host 12 laboratories and 500 researchers, principally focused on advanced therapies: immunology, cell therapy, gene therapy and the study of the biological basic mechanisms. 

The Advanced Therapy Laboratory has been moved to the new building, a great opportunity to exploit the great research potential of the center, together with the possibility to expand the research area of the laboratory.   

The most important purposes of the Advanced Therapy Laboratory are the Research & Development, the Innovative application of advanced therapies and their implementation through the use of closed systems; but also the Process and Manufacturing optimization, a direct communication with customers, to better enhance manufactory processes in closed systems.

The molecular biotechnology center has been named after Guido Tarone, an internationally renowned Turin scientist in the field of cell biology.

Closed Systems vs Open Systems: Operational cost savings*

Total Saving





* Values are given for an identical production output

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