A new interesting blog on ATMP

We would like to get your attention on a recent Blog published in the web with a nice payoff. The name is “Advanced Therapies Blog” and the payoff is: “share the experience, share the future”.

It is a nice and complete blog which shows how Advanced Medicinal Therapeutic Products in the last few years, thanks to the new advances in technologies and research, this field of medicine have grown extremely fast, with several new therapeutics trials and possible applications.

“AT Blog” describes very well  the rapid-evolving landscape of ATMPs, sharing news about possible therapeutic applications and technological innovations. ATMPs offers groundbreaking new opportunities for the treatment of diseases and injuries, and seeks to follow the newest developments and advances, resulting in a better understanding of the relevant research fields.

The AT Blog team seems very committed in molecular biology, scientific research and biomedical engineering and all of these three aspects are considered in the blog. Other than that, the section of regulatory aspects of ATMPs production, rapidly evolving and enormously important, is described in-depth.

The link to the blog, for a nice surf is:

Closed Systems vs Open Systems: Operational cost savings*

Total Saving





* Values are given for an identical production output

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