First International Workshop on Advanced Cell and Gene Therapies: Share the Experience, Shape the Future.

“ATMP, the next level of medicine: modular, closed, green, clean and lean.”

Turin, 7th-8th APRIL 2022.

Great success for the 1st International workshop on Advanced Cell and Gene Therapies: Share the Experience, Shape the Future (April 7th-8th, 2022, in Turin) organized by BioAir with the key contribution of VivaBioCell and Miltenyi Biotec.

With this event, BioAir has reached its main goal: to bring together some of the top academia and industry leaders in the field of Advanced Cell and Gene therapies, in order to share the latest technologies updates in this field of unprecedented opportunities and unique challenges and explore together the potentials of closed system solutions for ATMPs production in regulated environments.

The workshop has been organized in the stunning location of the Molecular Biotechnology Centre (MBC) of Turin, one of the most prestigious centers in the field of molecular biotechnology and headquarters of the BioAir’s R&D facility.
The invited speakers included professors and experts from some of the most important European ATMP centers, such as Dr. Jean-François Brunet, director of the Cell Production Center (Lausanne University Hospital), Dr. Serena Pellegatta, Head of the Unit of “Immunotherapy of Brain Tumours” (BESTA, hospital - Milan), Prof. Frank Barry, Professor of Cellular Therapy at the National University of Ireland Galway, and many others.

Moreover, the workshop has been scheduled with a training session, where all the participants had the possibility to see and try our IsoCell PRO (Demo version), VivaBiocell's NANT bioreactor, and Miltenyi's CliniMACS Prodigy.