The Scientific department in BioAir in collaboration with Regina Margherita's hospital published a new study...

Evaluating Ecological Impact and Sustainability in the Manufacturing of Advanced Therapies: Comparative Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Production of ATMPs in Open and Closed Systems

Abstract: The primary aim of this systematic analysis is to highlight opportunities to improve the environmental impact of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP) manufacturing. We have compared the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions expressed in CO2eq of a classic clean room open system (AinB) Cell Factory versus a comparable closed system equipped with isolators (AinD).

We have therefore outlined a theoretical situation to simulate the use of a closed system with an equivalent production output to that obtained in the Cell Factory (CF) of the Regina Margherita Children’s Hospital. Open and closed systems for ATMPs have been compared as regards energy requirements, ecological footprints, and costs by analyzing a hypothetic cell production cycle of 21 days.

The results demonstrate energy saving and a reduction of 52% in GHG emissions using closed systems per process cycle. Moreover, a reduction in production costs in an isolator setting is also evident. This study shows that the closed system solution has evident advantages compared with the open one.


Closed Systems vs Open Systems: Operational cost savings*

Total Saving





* Values are given for an identical production output

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